1.Tenants must have a combined gross income of 3 times the monthly rent.

2.Tenants must have a clean credit report. Any derogatory credit must have a reasonable and verifiable explanation and will have to be cleared with the Owner.

3.Tenants must have a clean legal report.Any items on the legal report must have a reasonable and verifiable explanation and will have to be cleared with the Owner.

4.Tenants must have clean and verifiable past rental references (minimum 3 years.)

5.Any past evictions are grounds for immediate rejection.

6.All parties over the age of 18 on the lease must fill out and sign an application completely.

7.We pull credit and legal reports on all tenants.All references will be checked.Falsification of any information on the rental application is grounds for immediate rejection.

Please direct any questions to Agent at (602) 908-5327.



1.Large breeds are classified as over 30 lbs.Small breeds are 30 lbs. And under.*

2.Large breeds must be over 5 years of age.*

3.Small breeds must be over 2 years of age.*

4.Female cats must be fixed and declawed or fixed and outdoor only.*


Certain breeds of dogs must be approved by the Owner regardless of age and carry an extra liability policy naming the Owner and West USA Realty as added insured parties. These breeds are as listed, but not limited to: Pit Bull, German shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman and Chow.

Tenants shall ensure that all pet(s) are well behaved and shall not allow the pet(s) to disturb any other residents or neighbors.

Tenant to ensure the pet(s) cause no damage to the property.

Tenant agrees the pet(s) shall only be walked on a leash and only in areas so designated by the Owner/Landlord and the homeowners association.

Tenant will be responsible for any and all damages caused by the pet(s) on the property or in the community and will indemnify and hold harmless Owner/Landlord/Management for, from and against any and all claims arising because of the pet(s).

Tenant agrees that the pet(s) will be licensed in accordance with all applicable governmental provisions.

Owner/Landlord and/or Management reserve the right to require Tenant to immediately remove the pet(s) at any time upon any violation of Tenant of these rules.

  • These criteria do NOT apply to assistive or companion animals.Assistive animals are not considered pets.